We are photographers because we need to be. We need to create. We also love hanging out with people who are fun and unique and want to collaborate with us on their wedding day.

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Are you guys interested in connecting and having a fun and personalized experience that is based on trust and love? Yeah, we feel the same.

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It is our goal to make our couples feel loved, feel at ease enough to be real, want to show the dynamics of their relationship (the good, the bad and the ugly!) all while creating a natural and comfy space to just be themselves. And we take photos too.

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We want to collaborate with couples who want to share their story completely with us so we can give them the true version of what their relationship looks and feels like. And our photos will be relevant and relatable and real, now, and in 30 years. And the experience we create will be remembered even longer.

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So, if you are bold and want to embrace your relationship and share what it looks like with the world, contact us.

Be Bold and Seek Adventure,

Liz and Mike

Email: info@finnyhill.com