Where are we? Man, it's been quiet on here...

Two months. How has it already been two months since we sold our house and all of our things and crammed what was left into our 175 square foot bus-house?

Has it been awesome and full of wanderlust? Yes. Has it been extremely difficult some days? Yes. Do we have to adapt constantly and communicate completely and learn how to make daily life what we want it be? YES, YES, YES. And we get through the stressful times by arguing and spewing foul language and then we come up with a new plan and solution and hug and move the hell on.

We have shared our story with so many people (even filming with Living Big in a Tiny House and also doing a podcast interview with Brian Hosan of Launching Out...let you know when both are released) and have received so much support which makes our hearts both happy and heavy. It is upsetting to hear how many people feel stuck. Stuck in a job they hate, an unhealthy lifestyle, an unhappy relationship or an unfulfilling life overall.

Change is possible and change means growth. Growth means something new, something different and possibly something much better. Making intentional decisions to change our lifestyle was mandatory to free us from the lifestyle we thought we were expected to have, but didn't actually want.

We hope that our story and our decisions to create a lifestyle that is not based on what everyone else is doing or what the "norm" may be, will encourage others to be bold in their decisions and ideas about how they want to live daily life and to seek adventure in all that they do. God knows what He is doing with us...one day, if we keep our hearts open, we will figure that out too.

So driving and living in a bus full time may not be for everyone. We are making it work for us and we are enjoying have both old friends and new ones hang out with us and "do life" with us on the bus. If you will be in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, possibly New Mexico and Texas within the next month, hit us up and let's hang out!


We are also running our photography company on the road and are so excited to continue to shoot weddings all over the world! WE ARE BOOKING into 2018 and would love to hear from you. Check out our About Us page first and then if you think it would be fun to collaborate, fill out our Contact page.

For those who refer awesome couples to us and they book us, some cash money will be thrown your way.

Here are just a few of the quadrillion photos we have taken over the last couple months. We have so many but these will give you a glimpse into what life has been like living in our sweet Georgia. You can also follow along daily on our bebold_seekadventure Instagram page.