Be Bold Seek Adventure™

Drum roll please...We have decided to pack up our photography gear and our son and dog and hit the road!

Starting this Summer, we will be traveling around North America living with intention, pursuing our passions and truly living our motto,


Living Intentionally. What does this mean to us? We want to live our lives the way we want to, by making decisions and choices based on our desires to be successful and happy, to spend more time together, to have the opportunity to grow our photography business and the desire to experience different cultures, people and places.

We don't want society or culture dictating what our lives should look like. There are too many people who are just getting through the work day and are miserable. Life is too short to not be doing what you love and doing it now.

We love photography. We love traveling and experiencing new things and we love meeting new people. So we have decided to take our home on wheels and spend time doing what we love with the people that we want to be around.

"How can we have a successful wedding photography business and travel full time?"
"What about Bryce and school?"
"What are you living in?
What will this adventure look like?"
Guess what...we will figure it out and make changes along the way if we need to.

So, how can you support us?

A few ways....Prayer, Subscribe to our Newsletter, Subscribe to our Youtube channel, Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Share with your friends and family. The more exposure we receive from those who want to hear our story and follow our adventure, the better opportunities we will have.

Vulnerability, real and raw interactions, laughs and good times, our personal photography journeys and projects, a growing wedding photography company, the struggles, an alternative way of living, and all out there for the world to check out. We CANNOT wait!

We plan on telling our story on how we made the decision to sell all of our stuff and design a home on wheels and what this journey will look like.

We appreciate all of the support we have received from those we have already told and look forward to all of the new adventures we are about to have!


Be Bold and Seek Adventure,

Liz & Mike




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