The Bus, YouTube and What's up Next

So we mentioned that we were selling everything, including our house, and we bought a school bus and are in the process of converting it into our home.

"Live life with intention and fearless pursuit"

We have launched our Youtube channel and will now post one video each week giving you updates on the bus, where we plan on going and all of the weekly challenges and decisions we are faced with when trying to prepare to live on the road full time.

We have lists. Lots of lists. And Mike has been busting his butt trying to research and figure out how to design the bus the best way that he thinks will work for us. We obviously want comfort and we want it to look good but we also need function, safety and efficiency.

I have been focusing on Finny Hill and booking weddings and taking care of our awesome couples that have already booked with us. I also need to go through all of our stuff to determine what is garage sale worthy, what can be donated and what needs to be sold for more than a garage sale rate. Not the most fun thing I want to do but it has to be done. We are not bringing a ton of clothes, etc. so we need to weed through everything and see what we have.

Saturday I stopped by the bus and Mike and his buddy had built the framing for the floor insulation and plywood. I had this flood of emotions of excitement and holy shi% this is really happening. It is really happening. I'm sure there will be a few more of those throughout all of this.

The best thing that happened regarding the bus was when I took Riley (our dog) with me last week. I thought for sure she was going to hate the bus and there was no way we were getting her on this thing. BUT, She jumped right up the stairs, tail wagging like crazy. It was awesome. Made my mind rest a little knowing that she was okay with it. (Yes she is my baby and is seriously spoiled)...

I am really proud of how Mike has overcome his main nemosis, FEAR, and just has been working so hard and dedicated as much time as he can on the bus and focusing on making intentional decisions. He will go into the fear issue in a future video.

I am excited to finally plan out where we are going. It will depend on what we have booked and where. The seasons will have a big influence on where we go too. Alaska is on the top of our list so we have to make sure we get there when it isn't shut down because of the freezing temps. I think I will be able to start planning around May.

And at the top of our TO DO list is selling our house. If you want more info just email us and we can give you all the details.

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Now this is where you factor into all of this...we need you to do the three S's:

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-SEND Love: When you go to our Youtube channel, Instagram or Facebook pages, leave comments. We want this to be an interactive experience and need feedback and words of advice and lots of prayers.

So, we are stoked to have created this opportunity for ourselves and cannot wait to share it all with you!

Be Bold and Seek Adventure,

Liz & Mike

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