Kayleigh & Will | Dominican Republic

"I want to be everywhere and in one place with only you at all times."

We traveled to the Dominican Republic with Kayleigh and Will and 45 of their closest friends and family. We spent a few days exploring the island, jumping off of waterfalls, enjoying the comforts and cold drinks of the resort and really had an awesome time just hanging out with everyone.

When they aren't doing the nine to five thing, Kayleigh is a mermaid who occasionally wears light-up butterfly wings and Will plays the guitar and sings his way through small-island drum circles on the beach. Our first time meeting them was over drinks on the East coast and we laughed and acted crazy the entire time. These two have it together but know when to let loose and grab hold of life. Our kind of couple. We heart them. Lots.


We also made time to meet new friends who work at a local school called Makarios International. Our friends and family donated shoes and backpacks for the school kids and diapers and other necessities for the community. It was truly a humbling experience seeing where the kids live and the conditions of the houses and streets. 

Mike and I were broken-hearted but hopeful for the work that was being done in the Dominican. There is so much need and we pray that the changes that are needed there will happen so children will have hope and can feel empowered to create a better way for daily living. A post on our time outside of the resort will be up shortly.

Location: The Dominican Republic, Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Resort | Dress: Mom's Vintage Gown | Hair: Gina Tucker | Florals: LHVR |

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