Steph & Josh | St. Augustine

These two are our perfect couple. They are now our friends. We are smitten. When you don't have to say much but just tell them to have fun and be themselves and you get an entire hang out of laughs and fun and mushy hugs and kisses...We LOVE it. And them.

And when we shoot their wedding this Fall, it will be a celebration of our friends who don't hold back, who are creative artists (check out Josh's artwork here: Josh Phares Art and Steph is a yoga instructor who also makes amazing jewelry), who are just honest and open about who they are and who are just getting this love thing right.

We want more Steph and Josh's. So if you are fun to be around and madly in love and are not just concerned with what our rate is or checking off "photographer" on your vendor list, let's chat. 

Oh, and they brought us a bottle of wine. Score. Love, love them.


If you live anywhere, we travel to anywhere. Let's chat. Location doesn't matter because we are artists at home or across the world. Our passion crosses borders and loves to visit far away places.

Michael Byrd4 Comments