Van Life Couple's Session | Adventure Elopement Photographer

“The traveling soul will not be limited by the daily grind but will break free and soar with the wind.”

Why would a successful couple who lived in in a nice house in California decide to quit their stable jobs and trade in their comfy lifestyle to live in a van? Because they recognized how important it is to live life to the fullest and with intention and they both loved traveling…so why not?!

Ryan and Jessica, along with their dog Tom, hit the road in their converted van and started driving around North America seeking out adventure which includes mountain biking and hiking.

They also planned on parking the van for a month to travel to Thailand and Vietnam. They ate really good and cheap food, hung out with the locals and explored the landscape.

We had so much fun rock scrambling and getting to know them. We love the connection between full-time travelers, we just get each other I guess.

Elizabeth ByrdComment